Your Inner Game

Feel Alive Through Movement.

Toki Smiling

Written by Toki Tover

“The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.” – Albert Einstein

We often take for granted our ability to do things, our ability to play, our ability to feel really alive through movement. 

The moment that is taken away, we are taught a really hard lesson. 

I will serve you, guide you and help you through this spider web of our physical culture.

Not only will we be working out but we will be “working in”.

Working on our inner game.

Learning to evict those negative thoughts we have about our bodies.

Will this be simple?

Hell No.

There is no easy in transformation.

The key is Consistency.

You came here searching for “something” or “someone” to resonate with, to change your life.


Because you’re tired of always running on empty and creating objections for yourself.

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear”- Buddha

Strength Roots is aimed to serve the person who wants a minimalistic, simple approach to strength training and overall happiness with themselves.

Training for energy and strength is a skill.

And trying to learn new skills as an adult, is NOT easy.

I am here to meet you at your objections and get you through them.

Simply, realistically modify “one thing” in your life progressively every day/week/month/year… at your pace.

If you came to get this question answered, “whats the best exercise program?” well it’s the one you actually do!

BUT asking questions like that breeds a lack of awareness.

“Real Talk Truth Sharing”: after a month of doing my training, I was unknowingly able to canoe 9 miles with my 2 and 3-year-old on board!

Now, I don’t have all the answers and I’ll never pretend to.

But I will do my best to help you.

Picture this:

I am Yoda and you are Luke Skywalker.

I am the mentor serving and teaching, while you are the main character (the hero), learning to uncover what already exists inside you.

I want you to feel inspired to get motivated and get you off the couch, and just moving.

Educating you first, so you know the WHY behind everything you do.

If you are someone who used to be active, has reached mid-life as a new parent and lives a mostly sedentary lifestyle, then keep reading.

I want to help you construct a body with a solid structural foundation. 

I focused my own personal program on “pre-hab,” a proactive approach to preventing injuries by strengthening the many small stabilizer muscles of the hips, shoulders, and midsection.

Basically your ability to simply move.

to help the complete sedentary person to build a neurological developed foundation, body and structure.
you can’t jump into just any exercise with a damaged body, muscular imbalances (and nervous system) because for poor movement capacity – you will end up making your body worse and cause for injury.
Everything else is just gravy. (unless you don’t like gravy, then icing on the cake… and if you don’t like cake then let me know and I’ll add it here!)

Stress from a lack of progress, not obtaining your results, fear, uncertainty, and just not knowing where to start.

We here at SR would like to get down to the root of naturally finding where our power (strength) is built upon.

Lets pick apart the origin of our body, our muscles, and their abilities/functions. (Don’t be misled by the idea that strength is everything though… the function of our body is everything.)

The Strength Roots Foundation. 

Having access to the right information that fits your preferences & helping you put the pieces together to create a better life.

As we get older, have kids and begin to settle in life, it’s only then we decide to buck up and become healthy, financially stable and get fit (sad to say).

We want to live longer for our kids, we want to finally climb that mountain or even begin to do a pull up.

Hell, we just want to be able to bend down and tie our shoes.

Where Do You Start When We Have Been Completely Sedentary For Years?

We like to ask some questions first before we begin to build a functional strength training plan using calisthenics… (Calisthenics is the ultimate in functional training.)

Have you ever jumped rope?  How long has it been since you’ve taken a speed walk?

Are you mostly sedentary?

We don’t want you to dive into training without arming yourself with this foundational knowledge first.

If you are someone just starting out, then your plan for your goals will be hugely different than someone who trains from 2 times a week to 3-5 times per week.

Let start with your path (your planting phase).

What we mean is, what is your reason for starting now? Is that reason your root cause? (Will this cause keep you on your path to reach your goals? Your Motivation.)

And more importantly, how do you start to become the best functional and strongest version of yourself?

This journey is just as much mental as it is physical.

Motivation is a big player but that really is just a piece to this puzzle YOU have to solve.

Beginning with your beliefs, the basics of theory, to the basics of power and energy.

We battle so much information, conflicting youtube latest ab exercises, ‘eat this/do this’ ideas, fancy new gym machines and inflated promises.

All this “invented” knowledge and man-made machines do help you with gains and muscle bulking BUT how functionally strong are you?

What Is The Science Behind Real Strength?

Let’s bring this back to the ‘old school’ strength training. (art of power with progression)

No fad diets and no gym machines that you can’t figure out. (not that diet programs or gym machines are bad – but we find beginning with bodyweight exercise training is best to start)

Just our bodies, the various ways we can use our muscles and the intensity/time to create a strong inner/outer self.

The ROOT is simply the foundation to base our further research while preventing us from getting distracted.

Planting the seed for building and using muscle (our root) takes time, energy, resources, conditioning, and balance (or homeostasis).

We here at SR live by Kaizen – Muscle is our fountain of youth.

With Strength Roots, we will take deep dives into the historical, the science and beliefs of the who, what, when, where, why & how of all old school true progressive training.

We found that people were happiest when they were progressing. How to improve is really the art and science of fitness.

If you want to be successful with your fitness and lifestyle, then align your beliefs with what you want AND keep your training simple.

Again we say this is just as much mental as it is physical. “Mind controls your body and not vice versa” – nothing you buy can make your muscles do anything, so anything that is going to train your muscles must influence your mind.

Ok, enough of that!

So, why listen to or believe us?

We certainly are not certified in anything, we don’t operate or own a gym, no degree in kinesiology or nutrition, we ain’t on Youtube!
We don’t talk about the latest fitness machines or even the current workout fads.
We are not the expert but the conduit, the facilitator, the leading learner to direct you to best expertise out there.
Honestly, we’d prefer if you don’t believe us. Question us and always question everything!

Our advice is solely constructed from the principles and evidence found in our own fact-based search for fitness independence.

If you do like what you see here then please just give it a try, test it, use it. It worked for us, it might work for you too.

Take the time to try this out and begin with a solid foundation for your muscles, tendons and soft tissues because injuries are the WORST.

I know how much people feel like their body is broken or that no fitness plan is built for you.

Well, here you go…

Start with this site. We’ll be going through the basic foundational exercises: push/pull/squats/bridges/core/handstands for total compound movements to strengthen your body as a whole: muscles/joints/spine/tendons and everything in between. (we aren’t about isolation exercises here because that isn’t a plan to building a functional lifestyle.)

Just know, one diet plan doesn’t work for everyone and neither does one training plan.

And if I’m being honest, the best results will come after 6 months (or longer). That’s when you’ll have consistently put in the work that you can stop yoyoing with progress and failure.

Factors (lifestyle, genetics, previous exercise history, diet preferences, gender, etc) can influence what will work for you that it’s really no surprise that so many people are stuck in workout and diet roulette without really ever knowing, “is this best for me?”

You need Certainty. We think that’s why people have a hard time with results. They want to be certain until they take action and do anything.

We don’t want you to feel like you’ll never figure out your body or see the results you want.

Our goal is to give you practical advice and ideas to help teach yourself what works for your body.

Help you understand the type of fitness programs that are effective for you, build a healthy eating regime that won’t crash (won’t stress you out), and make sense of all the information you read so you aren’t constantly confused. If we can put you in control, then we’ve done our job.

If we can put you in control, then we’ve done our job.