GORUCK Rucker Review: EDC Worthy Or Not?

Since I last published the review of GORUCK’s flagship, the GR1 they have created a specific pack built exclusively for carrying heavy weight and going long distances.

military rucksack backpack.

What is Rucking?

I recently found out that I love rucking.

Never heard of it?

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No worries, I hadn’t either until I overheard some guys at my work talking about rucking in town, and I got so curious, I had to ask them what the ruck it was (pun absolutely intended).

Rucking is the urban version of backpacking in the woods.

You could even consider it the original “backpacking”, as it was instituted by the Special Forces as the foundational training for our countrymen.

That’s right:

Rucking entails carrying a weighted backpack across all sorts of terrain.

But it’s not just a form of exercise for those wanting to enlist, it’s great for civilians too (especially if you’re training for long backpacking trips or even if you’re not).

OR your preparing for those GORUCK challenges!

Walk around with a heavy load on your back?

Guess what… you’re rucking!

And now that you know what this is, you can do it intentionally. (gets your heart rate up too!)

Now let’s take this phenomena somewhere:

GORUCK Rucker Green Monster
My personal Green Rucker Monster!

Now Featuring The Minimalist GORUCK Rucker:

In the world of rucking, the GORUCK tough brand is renowned for creating high quality, military-style rucksacks that are not only ideal for rucking but for any adventurous travel.

If you’re looking for a bag that’s made for this, look no further than the Rucker, a bag made almost exclusively for rucking.

Although the Rucker itself is a lighter weight bag than some of GORUCK’s other models, it is designed specifically to carry ruck plates as well as having room for your standard gear.

While it can easily be a multi-functional bag, what you are really paying for with the Rucker is its strength and resilience as well as the superior back and chest support that is demanded of a rucksack.

Got 15 minutes? Life example of the Rucker:

Don’t even try to deny it…

You know you love the minimalistic design of this pack.

The Rucker maintains the minimalist design that is typical with many of GORUCK’s bags, but unlike their other models, the Rucker does have a bit more color to it.

If you’re into that sorta thing.

The bag itself is the standard black, but you now have the option of adding a splash of red, green, blue, or tan to the exterior through colored PALS webbing, making it a little more pleasing to look at.

Plus, if you get lost, you’ll be easily spottable! Well, sort of.

Let’s jump into the sizes!

The Rucker comes in two sizes:

  • the 20 liters
  • the 25 liters

If you’re under six feet, the smaller size is recommended, but if you’re a rebel, either can be used.

While the 25-liter will have more space for gear, the crucial piece of rucking is weight distribution, where the gear sits in your pack.

Like GORUCK’s other bags, the Rucker is truly a quality bag.

It utilizes 1000D CORDURA fabric that can provide the tensile strength to carry up to 400 pounds on your back between the fabric, and it has excessively sturdy double stitching.

GORUCK Rucker Zipper and Stitching Built Tough

It is designed so that the larger compartment can hold specially crafted rucking weights that slide snugly in with other hiking essentials.

Rucker Weighted Plate Insert View

However, that same rucking weight compartment can just as easily be used for a hydration pack or to hold a laptop as well for when you aren’t rucking (it’s dual purposed!).

Believe it or not,

While you can store laptops and other things, this is still very much a rucking bag.

You could run this bag over with a tank and it would still be downright pristine, albeit it a bit dirty, but the items inside are not guaranteed as much protection.

There isn’t much padding inside to protect fragile items like laptops, so when using this for anything other than rucking, be sure to have a gentle touch when setting it down.

This is also designed to be opened like a suitcase.

While it has the PALS webbing on the exterior of the bag and down the shoulder straps for added compartments, unlike other models, that webbing is not present on the inside. (as you can see from the image above.)


The inside has a slot that allows you to slide in Rucking Plates so that you can still put gear on top of that and don’t have to worry about the weight shifting around and crushing anything.

There is also a built-in hydration loop on the interior for holding your hydration pack without using the ruck plate slot.

This holds it steady and allows the hose to easily slide out through the hydration port at the top of the bag. You will always be hydrated while rucking with this pack!

While the Rucker isn’t designed for people who are obsessive about organization, this is very much for the person who wants to adventure outdoors.

For that reason, I wouldn’t recommend rucking with anything too valuable, as things might get shuffled up on a trip.

Don’t Rob Yourself Of Comfort!

I think comfort is a crucial feature:

As the bag is made from such tough material, the shoulder straps may take some time to break in, but once you put the weight in, it is barely noticeable.

These straps are designed to feel comfortable with heavy weight on your back, so it is natural that lightweight bags wouldn’t feel like home until you have broken it in with some hard rucking.

Still not convinced?

The best part of the Rucker is its weight distribution.

Its built-in frame is not only designed to carry heavier weights, but to evenly distribute that weight across your back. Thank goodness!

There’s the option of an extra sternum strap so you can engage your core during those harder and longer travel stretches.

Rucker Sternum Strap

Here’s the thing.

The GORUCK packs DO NOT come with waist straps.

I read some where that the founder didn’t see a use for them, as the packs are made for top loading.


I found a great thread on Reddit showing a work around if you wanted to implement this feature yourself.

GR waist strap

So it all adds up to this:

Below is an unlisted video from that Reddit thread, jumped to about 16 minutes explaining how to do this.

Watch below:

Do you want it?

Get It Here.

It is GORUCK’s mission to bring military strength bags to the civilian world.

And the Rucker is a bag built with the strength for hard-core rucking.

Without excessive padding, it isn’t a bag meant for storing fragile objects like laptops, but rather for carrying heavy loads.

As it is cheaper than other GORUCK bags, this can be a great option if you are traveling and want a very sturdy bag.

However, this one is truly for those that enjoy rucking as a hobby.

There is no bag that is stronger or better designed for the rucking-enthusiast than the appropriately named Rucker.

Ruck on!

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If you’re curious about that reversed Desert Camo American Flag patch, watch the video below:

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